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    Who is Patricia Rex and What is Mixed Media Collage Artwork?
    Who is Patricia Rex

    Little Girl with Big Ideas (and lots of crayons ) from Littlefield , Texas. It took me forever to learn to write my name. My family and friends nicknamed me 'Trish'. In the 60's I added another signature 'Tricia'. (very popular name at the time: 'Tricia' Nixon.) When I married in 1975, many people called me T-Rex , which is very easy to remember!

    Seeds of creativity:
    In the 1950's and 60's, crayons were a big deal! When I got a box of 96 with the built-in sharpener at the back of box for Christmas, I felt like I was floating on a cloud. (A colorful one!) Some of the first big words I learned to read and spell were names of crayons! ...carnation pink! Aquamarine ! Periwinkle! Magenta! I didn't watch tv until I was 4. I watched people in my family cooking, embroidering, sewing, gardening, tole painting, and decoupaging. I looked at picture books and catalogs. I looked at the sky and nature, trying to figure out the changing shapes and colors. I spent most of my time coloring, cutting out paperdolls (and drawing their faces, hair, and clothes), playing with dolls ,playing outside, making mud pies, and reading. I also loved playing dress up and wore my Halloween costume year round.

    Inspirational influences:

    I had a rocky start in art.! In first grade , I had trouble drawing legs and feet.( My specialty was hair, faces, and designs). I also had trouble with printing W ( in my last name: WEDEL) I kept making it Way too WWWide. I started using the wide W for the legs and feet . :)

    I never heard of fine art or an art museum until my third grade teacher did a unit on art ! (1963 ) I never had an art class until I was 17 years old. (1972) The art I saw in childhood was in the family Bible, (arts /crafts in VBS and Girl Scouts), wall art my family got by saving our S&H green stamps, the tole painting my aunt was doing in the 1960's, and in the funny papers (newspaper comics), comic books, and picture books.

    2nd grade 1962: won fire prevention poster contest and got my picture in the newspaper. My teacher started keeping examples of my art to show to future students. I was adding pattern and design to all my projects that she hadn't seen before.

    3rd grade 1963: learned cursive handwriting. (A requirement!)?we practiced 30 minutes every day. My teacher incorporated art into our lessons . I got to fingerpaint and got to try Prang watercolors for the first time!

    5th grade 1965: That summer my uncle let me use all his Magic Markers and stacks of used paper. Wowee Zowee!

    6th grade 1966: I received my first box of stationery/cards...by Hallmark. I wanted to draw and color all the flowers just like that! I was entering my FLOWER POWER stage. My teacher broke her arm and asked me if I would do the bulletin boards for her the rest of the year! She gave me poster board, markers, and a book with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. I loved it!

    1967 Junior High School:

    I had a lot of time on my hands plus an allowance. I bought some canvas boards and tempera paint. I started doodling all the shapes and colors from all the tv shows, American Bandstand, the pattern catalogs etc. I began to write my name and words like PEACE! COOL! LOVE in full color with flourish on my notebooks and papers. My friends asked me to write their names fancy. Sometimes they paid me a quarter! That was the beginning of my lettering career.

    Dog Art
    I have 2 rescue dogs : Major (11 years) and Sadie ( 5 years). (aka BFF) The dog art series is inspired by Marta Stafford Fine Art in Marble Falls, TX. Marta has a delightful black lab rescue dog named Nambe that frequently greets visitors to her downtown gallery.

    Marta asked me if I would like to create dog-themed art for an upcoming SPCA event she was sponsoring: Bark at the Art 2014. So I jumped on it! (possibly howled at the moon, too! Absolutely loved doing art with pix of dogs of friends and family...) The original art is displayed at Marta's Fine Art Gallery through the holidays .

    What is Mixed-Media Collage

    This space will be dedicated to learning more about mixed-media collage. Please check back soon for updates!